BankClarity Ltd.

BankClarity Depositary Management


Developed in conjunction with a major player in the Fund Administration sector, Depositary Management has been specifically designed to ensure that the key areas of responsibility in relation to Alternative Investment Funds (“AIFs”) are fulfilled.

Depositary Service providers can dispense with spreadsheet-based system and utilise the full power of BankClarity’s FinTech technology to deliver their Directive requirements.

Safekeeping - maintain Assets Registers to record verification of ownership of portfolio assets. Supplemented by BankClarity’s Governance Module to ensure that key events are tracked and audited.

Cash Monitoring - benefit from BankClarity’s automated Transaction Monitoring systems to manage oversight of all the AIF's bank accounts and reconciliation of all cash movements/balances whilst identifying significant transactions.

Oversight - risk assess the AIFM's organisation, procedures and controls utilising robust and proven Governance technology to ensure processes remain consistent and auditable.

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