BankClarity Ltd.

Treasury Pooling & FX


Treasury Pooling is an additional module designed to harness the business system infrastructure provided by our core system BankClarity for Trust Companies (BCT), particularly the following key components :

  • Secure and automated payment system - essential as payment volumes will at least treble when Pooling.
  • Straight Through Processing - automates the additional burden of the substantial increase in bookkeeping requirements.

BankClarity's data platform also delivers other key requirements for the efficient management of a Pool :

  • Reconciled payments automatically create payments and receipts following transfers to and from the various Pools.
  • Pool deposits are continually reconciled against the clients' share of the Pools.
  • Client interest is not only calculated and accrued daily but at the Quarter End, Inter Account Transfers are system generated to transfer funds into the Pools to cover the Interest Application.

The Treasury Pooling system can be used by an in-house Treasury team or by third party Treasury Advisors.


BankClarity’s Advanced FX technology ensures that Trust Companies do not have to rely on third party providers to obtain potentially hidden margins.

  • Transparency - margins will always be agreed within your Terms & Conditions and can be fixed charges, BPS or quoted rates
  • Automation - integrated into BCT’s SWIFT based payment maximising efficiency through Straight Through Processing
  • Control - funds remain in your complete control at all times without the need for separate systems or reliance on third parties to deliver funds on your clients’ behalf
  • Compliant - as control remains within your organisation, so does the ability to ensure that Transaction Monitoring processes are not breached

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