COVID-19 Business Continuity Update

COVID19 Business Continuity: BankClarity Update #

We understand that our clients and partners, and their staff, will be under increased pressure due to the uncertainty we all face with COVID19, particularly as governments and organisations implement controls following the WHO categorisation of the virus as a pandemic.

BankClarity has implemented our Business Continuity Plan with effect from today 12th March, with all Analysts, Support and Development personnel operating from home or offsite working environments via our secure network. We do not anticipate any service or security issues as a consequence of this action.

We have scenario-tested potential implications of our clients’ workforce operating from offsite or home locations and we have not yet identified any new security or service implications for their BankClarity platforms, however we have recommended that all employees be reminded of the enhanced risk of fraudulent activity as criminals look to take advantage of the disruption.

The team at BankClarity are on alert for a potential increase in support requirements and will be are happy to discuss any client’s detailed plans for business continuity should additional guidance or reassurance be needed.