Treasury centre

Cash is King, Diversification wears the trousers.

Your global cash & treasury hub

By taking control of your transactional and bank interface you are in a position to achieve maximum value from your banking and foreign exchange partnerships.

Cash Management, Deposit and Diversification Management

BankClarity provides a full suite of functionality for the management and behaviouralisation of client cash management, including operation of virtual bank accounts for all underlying client positions and full interest and fee management functionality with auto-reconciliation function with your bookkeeping. Our Pooling, Cash Management and Virtual Account functionality is trusted by some of the world’s largest and most complex PLC users. 

Proven tools to centralise your in-house treasury function for:

  • cash nominee and pooling arrangements;
  • cash management & reporting;
  • cash deposit maturity tracking;
  • cash counterparty selection;
  • cash counterparty exposure management;
  • liquidity management;
  • cash forecasting;
  • associated dealing activities (negotiation and execution);
  • revenue generation from the above, with audit, reporting and analysis;
  • workflow management

FX functionality

Subject to your circumstances, location and terms with banks and third party FX providers, BankClarity empowers you to identify significant savings for your currency clients, and generate a return on investment for your shareholders in a transparent and compliant manner.*

Auto-redirect Foreign Exchange from anywhere in your business, and realise immediate and significant savings for your clients. By activating the FX intercept functionality within BankClarity you can set rules-based redirect of payments that meet pre-set criteria. Qualifying payments are auto-routed from any administrator/ user in your business to your Internal or Outsourced Treasury team who would have the ability to control FX positions internally and / or book enhanced rates with Banking partners.

Process live FX at the click of a button. The BankClarity FX API is a direct, live interface with a selection of regulated or approved third party FX providers engaged by you, allowing institutional rates to be accessed and secured by staff with the click of a button.

*BankClarity are not a money service business and we do not provide foreign exchange services.

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