Bank connectivity

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One interface for all transactions

Servicing complex wealth and alternatives across borders exposes you to an incredible variety of banks and financial services providers.

Banks, particularly in highly regulated finance centres, have an incredibly difficult and complex task and tailoring solutions at point of delivery is, quite rightly, always going to take a back seat to protecting your clients assets. Having many bank relationships means many interfaces and problems; a banking hub under your control and within your firewall is just smart.

BankClarity values progressive banking partners and we understand the value these can bring for your clients. ‘Closed Loop’ integration with your banks ensures that BankClarity is able to support almost all types of inward AND outward payment and confirmation connectivity which includes but not limited to:

  • SWIFT – all message formats supported
  • SFTP (File Gateway)
  • File Upload
  • Written instruction (wet signature or pre-signed)
  • API integration
  • ISO 20022 integration standard
  • Open Banking for approved UK and European banking institutions
Cash management, deposit and diversification management

BankClarity provides a full suite of functionality for the management and behaviouralisation of client cash management, including operation of virtual bank accounts for all underlying client positions and full interest and fee management functionality with auto-reconciliation function with your bookkeeping. Our Pooling, Cash Management and Virtual Account functionality is trusted by some of the world’s largest and most complex PLC users.

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